Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Drugs are Bad. Ponies are Good.

Drugs are bad, folks.

RIP cruiser #505.  
 My partner and I were responding to a call Friday night, and while enroute, traveling southbound, I stopped at a red light.  When the light turned green I proceeded into the intersection.  I saw a pair of headlights traveling towards us, and as I realized that those lights belonged to a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed, I engaged my brakes.  The other vehicle that was traveling eastbound stuck our cruiser and then we hit a second vehicle that had been to our left.

The airbags deployed, and when our vehicle came to rest, I vaguely heard my partner advising on the radio that we'd been involved in an accident and saw him exit the car.  I tried my door.  It didn't open.  I tried it again, and kicked it with my foot.  It finally opened with just enough room for me to wedge my body out between our car and the truck we were pushed into.

I asked the driver of the truck if she was okay, and she said she was fine and only shaken up.  I joined my partner at the vehicle that had struck us.  We pried the driver's door open and found the driver to be limp over the steering wheel.  Medics responded, and the driver appeared to be under the influence of drugs.  We later found that the driver at fault had admitted to the Trooper investigating the accident that he had done heroin, and had actually been fleeing the call we were responding to.

Pretty Dewey boy.
DOther than the cruiser being totaled, we're fine.  Sarge completed his investigation, and agreed I wasn't at fault, meaning no disciplinary action will be taken against me, which is good, because if I had been at fault, there's a possibility I could have lost my job due to still being in my probationary year.

What a mess.

After work, all I wanted to do was hug my pony.  Unfortunately, he's at the trainer.  So I hugged my pup.  I had to work Saturday night, and was finally able to go see Dewey on Sunday afternoon.  He was turned out in the round pen, and seemed happy to see me as I brought him inside and brushed him.  He still doesn't love me reaching my hands towards his head, but he was very receptive to me being near and talking to him.

The trainer showed up, said he really liked Dewey, that he's smart and learns pretty quickly.  I watched him tack up, and Dewey didn't fight being bridled, stood stock still to be saddled and girthed.  I took a short lesson, and his rack is really coming along.  We are thinking about maybe leaving him there an extra two weeks past his original thirty day stint.  I can't wait for him to come home though!

He's smooth, and really starting to relax into the rack.

I have an addiction, and it's my animals.  My dog and my horse.  Drugs are bad, folks.  Although horses may be just as financially draining.

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