Friday, July 14, 2017

Getting Back to Normal

Finally, Dewey is home! He's spent the last five weeks at training.  I was able to ride him three times in those five weeks, and his gait has gotten smoother.  Now he just needs miles and muscle to learn how to hold it.

I picked him up on Wednesday, and since we had to pass the trail head to get home, I decided to stop and have a quick ride.  It was hot, and muggy at almost 90 degrees.  We parked at the boat ramp at the state park, and I unloaded, then realized I didn't bring a grooming kit.  Thankfully, Only his haunches were really filthy with stable stains, and I brushed a few loose shavings off his back and we saddled up and went.

I can't explain how happy I was to finally have my view framed by those bay ears again.  Dewey was happy and we went along at a nice gait for about half an hour, and a fifteen minute walk at the end.

Poor guy was pretty sweaty when we got back to the trailer, and thankfully we were only a five minute haul from home.  Rinsed him off and got him settled into his stall with a full hay net and water buckets.  Then I went home to nap, midnight's life sucks, y'all.

So yesterday morning I made it to the barn to ride.  The driveway is long, bordered by a cornfield and more visually interesting than the sand ring.

We made it twenty minutes before the skies opened up.  Then we got drenched.  Since the horses were going to have to stay in because of storms, I put Dewey out for the couple hours while I was there.  He happily stood in the rain and ate grass, and I took the time to just sit in a chair and relax and watch.  Being with my horse is my quiet time.

I'm looking forward to much more of that in the coming months and years.  But for now, there's a big ball of fire in the sky that I'm not used to seeing, and I need to go hide from it.

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