Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Random Musings: K9 Life, and the Weekend Warrior Horse Owner.

Just some random thoughts to put on a page...

I don't know if anyone else has lived with a Police K9 in their home. I do, and it's very different than having a pet dog.  Not in the stereotypical ways one would expect, like OMG they're VICIOUS, do NOT let them around kids, don't get too close to their handler because you'll be bitten!  Um, no.  Bear is basically a giant puppy that just happens to be solid muscle, have never ending energy and really likes to smell for drugs and track down bad guys.

But what kills me, is he thinks EVERYTHING that even MIGHT look like a ball, is probably his toy.  I just got a pear out of the kitchen to offset my waffles that I drowned in butter and honey for breakfast.  Cue Bear heeling, with eye contact, from the kitchen to the living room, tail wagging, just positive that pear is actually his ball and he's going to be rewarded.  Definitely not, buddy, sorry.

Although his focus on me is higher today because his handler is at a class from 8-4, so Beardog is stuck with me until I go to work at 2.

Sticking with the Beardog theme.....If you're going to transport illicit drugs, putting 28 grams of meth in the pocket on the drivers side door, yeah Bear hit on that like a ton of bricks.  Now you go to jail for that, plus the 10 more grams we found in the car, with Felony-2 charges, and made Bear feel like a rockstar in the process.

Also, second shift life sucks.  I don't get to ride nearly as much as I would like. I'm heading out this morning to buy feed and drop it off and if I'm lucky, groom him before I have to head home, shower, change, go to work.  Thankfully it is my Friday.  That means two days of riding ahead.  I've never been the weekend warrior horse person.  And I loathe becoming one.

Any second shift-ers with horses?